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Pixplant 1.2.16 For Photoshop

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Pixplant 1.2.16 For Photoshop

Perfect seamless textures in seconds PixPlant is a smart texturing tool that creates high quality seamless textures from plain photos.Based on ubiquitous photos, PixPlant will add an unlimited choice of realistic textures for your projects: just pick an interesting photo, run PixPlant and get a perfect seamless texture.
PixPlant includes the following features:
*Create textures from almost any photo, thanks to advanced straightening and seed pattern controls.
*Highly automated with most textures created in 1-4 clicks. And high performance with usually a few seconds per texture.
*Generate complete images or refine and expand existing ones. Out-select parts of the seed image for fine grain control.
*Carefully designed easy-to-use interface with interactive help and fullscreen tiling preview.


  • Dreamweaver training Sydney

    Pixplant is great plugins for the photoshop. Thanks for giving information about this plugins. Combing images using photoshop is a snap using Photoshop’s ability to layer and other features. This technique will offer graphic designer a great opportunity to develop the great creative work.

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