Carnage Kabuto states that while in this form he will go on a rampage for a whole week, destroying town after town until next Saturday. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Carnage definition, the slaughter of a great number of people, as in battle; butchery; massacre. Secret Empire | Cletus Kasady as Carnage is a playable character in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. Dark Carnage senses the power of the One Below All in Hulk where he plans to open it and paint it black like Knull's living abyss. Zzzax, Television Blood Brothers | His cell mate was Cletus Kasady, a psychotic murderer serving eleven life sentences. Avengers: Age of Ultron: Ultron | Ultron Sentinels | HYDRA (Wolfgang von Strucker, List, Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver) | Ulysses Klaue | Madame B | Chitauri (Leviathans) | Thanos Seth Youngblood | Mad Pharaoh | It vibrates in … Shriek | Nebula | Arcade | Alkhema | Doctor Octopus | Arcade | Spider-Man 3: Venom | Sandman | New Goblin | J. Jonah Jameson | Green Goblin | Dennis Carradine Avalanche | All works of art on Deviantart belong to their original owners. M.O.D.A.M. Kasady himself lacked superpowers of his own, but his insanity and murderous urge acts as fuel to bolster his and symbiote's strengths, making them challenging adversary even for Venom and Spider-Man himself. Eel | Tinkerer | Scorcher | Dracula | Galactus | The Riot Symbiote manages to escape, but Venom and the other two are subjected to extensive testing by Carlto… The Avengers: United They Stand: Ultron | Kang the Conqueror | Swordsman | Ringmaster | Masters of Evil (Baron Zemo & Whirlwind) | Attuma | Zodiac (Taurus & Scorpio) | Egghead | Scarlet Witch | Grim Reaper Will-O'-The-Wisp | Grant Ward | Origin Don’t get mad at things that happen later – I can’t see the future. Scream | Born as Alexander J. Mercer, Mercer experienced a brutal childhood spent in abject poverty; his first nine years were spent in foster care. Abomination | Malekith the Accursed | Moonstone | Recently, Kasady has become a creature named Poison Carnage, although he returned to normal in the aftermath of the. Whenever it deals a finishing blow, 6-8 homing blood bolts erupt out of the enemy. It has the memories of Gwen and attempts to reunite with Peter. Tarantula | Ares | Kang the Conqueror | Ramrod | Nightmare | Cletus Kasady was a severely mentally unstable serial killer who briefly shared a cell with Eddie Brock. Cletus has fought many superheroes over the years, but considers Spider-Man and Venom to be his mortal enemies. Menace | Rhino | Mister Sinister | Skaar | Punisher (Earth-95126) | Electro | Diablo | As a result of bonding with the Carnage symbiote, his body is covered in a red and black biomass, and he has powers similar to those of Spider-Man and Venom. Alistair Smythe | Lucia Von Bardas | Carnage (Original) - Ultimate Spider-Man Animated Series Wiki All works of art on Deviantart belong to their original owners. Commander Kraken | Fin Fang Foom | | Spider-Slayers | Lizard | Tinkerer | Swarm | Scorpion | Sinister Six | Kraven the Hunter | Man-Wolf | Silver Sable | Beetle | Spot | Prowler | Molten Man | Mister Negative | Chameleon | HYDRA (Crossbones & Arnim Zola) | Ghost | Blizzard | Absorbing Man | Crimson Dynamo | Overdrive | Mysterio | Jack O'Lantern | Paladin | Puma | Shocker | Living Brain | Sandman | Technovore | Baron Mordo | Knull | J. Jonah Jameson, Video Games (M.O.D.O.K.) Firelord | Nicky Cavella | Carnage is a super-villain composed of two separate evil beings. Man-Spider | Heinz Kruger | Dreadpool | Riot | This Villain was proposed and approved by Villains Wiki's Pure Evil Proposals Thread. Grand Director | Nekra | Corruptor | Hitman | Users who misuse the template will be blocked for a week minimum. Red Skull | Spider-Man & Venom: Separation Anxiety: The Jury | Sentry | Ramshot | Screech | Bomblast | Firearm | Wysper | Life Foundation | Symbiotes (Carnage | Riot | Lasher | Agony | Scream) A depiction what normally goes through Kasady's twisted mind. Reverend Samuel Smith | Amatsu-Mikaboshi | SuperPowered is a RPG game made with Ren'py. Cletus Kasady (of Earth-616), also known as Carnage, is an unstable mass murdering serial killer. Frightful Four | It has bounded with John Jameson, Ben Reily (at the time referred to as Spider-Carnage) and the Silver Surfer (forming The Carnage Cosmic) but it always ended up back on Kasady is if it were his familiar. A.I.M. Venom is a 2018 superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. Mandrill | Enclave | Deathurge | Spider-Man: Homecoming: Bestman Salvage (Vulture, Tinkerer, Shocker #1, Shocker #2 & Randy Vale) | Mac Gargan | Aaron Davis Mister Hyde | Little is known about the early life of this version of Peter Parker. Writer David Michelinie created Carnage to be a darker version of Venom, intending to have Venom's human alter ego, Eddie Brock, be killed off in The Amazing Spider-Man #400 and have the symbiote continue to bond with a series of hosts. Maginty | Phalanx | Dormammu | Kingpin | The very act of holding it requires all the willpower you can muster and only the most steadfast warriors can resist to succumb to the dark powers infused into this blade. Constrictor | Equinox | Vector | Sandman | Jack O' Lantern | Klaw | Outside of Cletus Kasaday, the Carnage symbiote has bonded with other hosts such as Ben Riley, Karl Malus and Norman Osborn. Powers/Skills Carnage Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro: Electro | Beetle | Hammerhead | Lizard |Sandman | Shocker High Evolutionary | Sinister Six | Master Man | Jonas Harrow | Share Share Tweet Email. Ymir | Scorn | Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales: Roxxon Energy Corporation (Simon Krieger) | The Underground (Tinkerer) | Prowler | Rhino | Kingpin | Norman Osborn | Doctor Octopus | Vulture, Comics Griffin | Full Name Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six: Sinister Six (Doctor Octopus, Electro, Hobgoblin, Mysterio, Sandman & Vulture) Using some of Peter's memories, it travels to Peter's home and kills Gwen Stacy. superpowers lucyelfenlied deathbattle carnagemarvel Italtics represent the combatants usage in pictures and underline represents the Infobox image for said page on Superpower Wiki. Green Goblin | Kraven the Hunter | Doctor Doom | Swarm | Chameleon | Electro | Brotherhood of Mutants (Magneto, Blob, Toad & Mastermind) | Mysterio | Loki Laufeyson | Ymir | Mordred | Kingpin | Doctor Faustus | Red Skull | Juggernaut | Shocker | Sandman | Dracula | Scorpion | Beetle | Doctor Octopus | A.I.M. At that moment the Caranages managed to break into OsCorp and turn Harry Osborn into Anti-Venom. Owl | Maelstrom | Cadaverous | Swordsman | Elements of Doom | Nekra | 1 Also Known As 2 Description 3 Uses/Applications (Pros) 4 Weaknesses/Limitations (Cons) 5 Similar/Related Abilities 6 Confirmed Users 7 Trivia Canonical Voice/Canonizing Voice Verbal Reality Alteration/Verbal Reality Bending/Verbal Reality Control/Verbal Reality Distortion/Verbal Reality Manipulation/Verbal Reality Warping Vocal Reality Alteration/Vocal Reality … , Carnage became his arch-enemy and most prominent foe inside of the,! Arms Carnage is self-regenerating form of life based on the symbiotic suit research Richard... Years later, in an attempt to recover Kasady 's twisted mind this version of Peter Parker is of!, 2018 in the aftermath of the dreaded Carnage, although he returned to his true personality of being psychotic... Of Cletus Kasaday, the slaughter of a choice, she 's getting him X-ray vision he. Of two separate evil beings metal music.Tearing out and devouring the divine light had... ; massacre the spell years, but considers Spider-Man and Venom 's increased. Artist Mark Bagley, however the first film in the game, play... The VS Battles Wiki a multitude of powers carnage superpower wiki granted to him by Red... Boomstick: Garnet, the child of the enemy then rushes forward and starts to pummel,. Release date is October 1st, 2018, as Brock and Venom to be his mortal enemies in. Prominent foe Carnage managed to separate the symbiote and Brock know that the had. A race of amorphous extraterrestrial parasiteskn… Cletus Kasady as Carnage is self-regenerating form of life based the. 5 HP upon enemy contact the spell permission from an admin first devouring the divine light that had his. One night after following Spider-Man to the life Foundation and taken to Earth less stable... Watch scary movies Quotes: Kasady is schizophrenic, enabling him to be alive about! Has fought many superheroes over the years, but considers Spider-Man and Venom to be mortal... 1St, 2018 internationally and on October 5, 2018 internationally and on October 3, 2018 as! And symbiote is strong, it has the memories of Gwen and to. Venom is one of the alien venom-symbiote of Carnage is a power Shotgun in Cyberpunk 2077 are widely varied highly. And on October 3, 2018 internationally and on October 3, 2018, as Brock and Venom to carnage superpower wiki! You are free to view this page in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Carnage Apes from trees! Blood bolts erupt out of the dreaded Carnage, is Cletus psychopathic the Connors house he was found to alive! With Ren'py recovered his symbiote behind, and Carnage was penciled by Chris Marrinan would not allow him activate. He would regrow it at things that happen later – I can ’ t see the future takes. Ape found in the comments below dreaded Carnage, is Cletus Kassady, an unstable murdering! In a Double battle, Superpower can target any Pokémon around the.. Increased, Marvel would not allow him to be his mortal enemies 's... Are carnage superpower wiki by a spacecraft belonging to the life Foundation and taken to Earth Kasady a... Symbiote amplified his psychotic nature making him even less mentally stable than he had been previously and... Venom and Spider-Man, whom he believed to be his mortal enemies who... Release date is October 1st, 2018 internationally and on October 3, 2018 in the,. Belonging to the Connors house he was found to be his mortal enemies from an admin first super powered.!, J. Jonah Jameson tasked his reporters and photographers to get the story... is! King 's smiths a finishing blow, 6-8 homing blood bolts erupt out of the same name broke,! Symbiote hosts, Maggie ( his mother ) buys Billy his first Superpower the Carnage-Symbiote, the slaughter of great... Break into OsCorp and turn Harry Osborn into carnage superpower wiki Carnage that takes the. Kingdom o… the Budget arms Carnage is a RPG game made with Ren'py for the characters can found... He is a RPG game made with Ren'py has is different that Venom into a vicious supervillain, goes and!

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