HAMMOND — Commencement speaker Gary Johnson encouraged the fall class of 2019 to “find their why,” in a Saturday morning address to Purdue University Northwest's fall class of 2019. Purdue University Global Hosts Commencement for 600 Graduates Indianapolis ceremony welcomes attendees from 41 states, Germany, Bermuda INDIANAPOLIS – May 18, 2019– Purdue University Global, a public nonprofit online institution of higher education, conferred degrees for more than 600 graduates during two ceremonies on Graduates, Macebearer, Commencement Speaker, Board of Trustees, Academic Leadership, Faculty ... 6 Purdu niversit lobal 2019 ommencement PURDUE UNIVERSITY GLOBAL GRADUATE CANDIDATES The awarding of degrees to the candidates’ names in this program is contingent upon the satisfactory completion of the President of Purdue University Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. speaks at the commencement for Purdue University Global on May 18 in Indianapolis. Nearly 2,000 students become graduates after Purdue University's Winter Commencement Sunday. DENNIS E. BLAND, JD. COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER. A commencement speaker for the College of Science knows what she wants and how to get it. 2019 Commencement Speakers and Honorary Degree Recipients. Both ceremonies will feature keynote speaker Rita Colwell, a Purdue alumna and distinguished researcher … Looking on are (left) keynote speaker Dennis E. Bland, President of the Center for Leadership Development, and Purdue University Global Chancellor Dr. Betty Vandenbosch. Targeted News Service. (Kyle Telechan / Post-Tribune) ... At Purdue, he held a number of positions, including head and professor in … Why did you apply to speak: After being confronted with the nomination to speak at commencement, I knew that I would be able to graduate from Purdue University knowing that I had made a difference. Receiving his doctorate in biomedical engineering and a speaker at summer commencement. Mr. Dennis E. Bland is president of the Center for Leadership Development (CLD), an Indianapolis non-profit … ... Dr. Rita Colwell was this year's guest speaker. Keynote speaker Gary Johnson, of Mortar Net Solutions, speaks during the Purdue Northwest winter commencement ceremony on Saturday, Dec. 14, 2019. 2 Purdue University Global | 2019 Commencement. President, Center for Leadership Development. Graduating students listened as she shared words of encouragement for the future.

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