document.write("whitet"); Record Group 19, War Damage Reports & Related Records, 1942-49. ... rising straight up from her stack it was reported for many years that a bomb had gone down her stack and caused the explosion. Fuqua, still on board. ... and was sufficient to contain the explosion of shells that passed through the upper deck. Two major investigations were undertaken into the cause of the explosion, one by the U.S. Navy and then one by the Government … She displaced 29,158 long tons (29,626 t) at standard and 31,917 long tons (32,429 t) at deep load, over 4,000 long tons (4,060 t) more than the older ships. Lt. Comdr. The big battleship had steamed into Pearl Harbor on … 70 and upward through the decks forward of turret #1. A bomb which hit and detonated close to the port leg of the tripod at the superstructure deck level severed the port leg, and the starboard leg was insufficient to prevent forward collapse. detonate. This seems rather improbable, though, considering the small charge of explosive (less than 70 pounds of TNT) in this type of bomb, and the fact (pictures 46-208) that the initial fire was definitely above the waterline and of large-scale proportions. The turrets and the conning tower collapsed 30 feet into the ship's hull. The precise location cannot be determined, but the general location can be spotted on a map of Pearl Harbor, which is also available. On the morning of 7 December, 1941, ARIZONA was moored to interrupted quay "F-7", headed down channel, starboard side to Ford Island. 9. WEST VIRGINIA's mainmast is also in these pictures and shows a definite list, indicating that WEST VIRGINIA had already been torpedoed prior to the pictures. I said to Mr. Fuqua, when the valve was opened, "There is no water pressure on". There were no survivors from turrets I and II, and reference (d) believes that they probably were in condition ZED, or very nearly so. This was 25 feet (7.6 m) longer than the older ships. Rode out to the USS Arizona with one of 10 remaining survivors Don Stratton and the project team from NPS and Autodesk I have been working with. It appears that condition ZED was not completely set on and above the third deck and probably most of the third deck armored hatches were still open. I got up and ran to it, and ran down the port ladders, passing through flames and smoke. The Army's experience indicates that it is difficult to detonate smokeless powder as the result of fire, unless confinement, temperature, pressure, and high density of loading are present. The battleship Arizona served with pride and distinction in the US Navy from 1916 until 1941.The map above highlights the events surrounding the USS Arizona as well as the duties the ship carried out over her lifetime. The VESTAL, tied up alongside the portside, did not seem to get hit hard and started to get underway, so I stood by to cast off lines on the quarterdeck portside and cast off their bow lines as the Lt. Comdr. The USS Arizona explosion filmed by the Japanese. Shortly after the end of the war, Arizona was one of a number of American ships that briefly escorted President Woodrow Wilson to the Paris Peace Conference. ARIZONA1s bow was very close to TENNESSEE'S stern - the distance being approximately. document.write(""); The references comprise the majority of important information accumulated regarding the loss of ARIZONA. Reference (f) actually shows the magazine explosion which resulted in the loss of ARIZONA. The air raid siren sounded, followed by the General Quarters alarm. Reference (f), of which a 3" x 5" movie strip is available, comprises about 400 pictures taken at the rate of 24 per second. I called to Wentzlaff, A0M2/c, Hurst, AMM3/c, Bruns, Heo.2/c and Lane, RM3/c to rig the fire hose aft, as they were going to our general quarters station with me. Fuqua and a few others still being aboard. HMS Hood and USS Arizona Magazine Explosions . Bruns and Land got another fire hose from the rack in Compt. 6 was in use). Both sides in front of the main battery gun Turret 1 were ripped apart, causing the decks and both forward turrets to collapse a few metres down. On the other hand the armor belt was substantially intact and Pearl Harbor found absolutely no evidence of a torpedo hit on or just below the armor. The explosion lifted the Arizona out of the water. Valor in the Pacific press event: I will be posting about this project, the team, the technology, partners, my participation, and … It therefore can be accepted as a fact that a torpedo did not hit ARIZONA. USS Arizona (BB-39) was moored inboard of the repair ship Vestal (AR-4) when the Japanese struck Pearl Harbor. Summarizing, there seems to be no doubt that at least one bomb struck and penetrated the forecastle deck in the vicinity of either turret I or turret II. About half the 1,117 crewmen killed that day were aboard the … The first 45 of these pictures show the ARIZONA and VESTAL, and include the bow of NEVADA and the stern of WEST VIRGINIA. Then I went up to the signal bridge. Times in all the references of the various sequences of events check reasonably well, that is, within 4 or 5 minutes. about the bombing and straffing, standing on the quarterdeck. Many qualified authorities have blamed powder storage outside of the magazines as the cause, but this is conjectural and probably will always remain so. USS ARIZONA. I walked aft and down the ladder to the port quarterdeck. U.S. Navy veteran Donald Stratton was station aboard the U.S.S. 2. Turret I with its barbette fell vertically approximately 22 feet, and turret II with its barbette fell approximately 23 feet. These six magazines supply both turrets I and II, the black powder magazine is located on the first platform on the centerline between frames 37 and 39. Site Description and Analysis (continued) Beginning at the stem of the USS ARIZONA and heading aft, a swimming observer would be struck first with the very sharp lines of the bow. USS Arizona. This was at about 0815-0820. On December 7, 1941, the ship was bombed in the surprise attack, causing a … Whether this mass detonation resulted from a bomb detonation within either the smokeless powder or black powder magazines or whether it was initiated by fire traveling down thru open hatches to the black powder magazine is unknown; but the time involved between the. NYPearl Itr. ", "Cases in which pressures great enough to result in structural damage have occurred involved the burning or explosion of smokeless powder under circumstances not ordinarily encountered in the storage of the material in containers. The Commanding Officer of VESTAL, in reference (e), stated that at about 0820 a torpedo was seen to pass astern of the VESTAL and that this torpedo apparently hit the ARIZONA, whose bow extended about 100 feet beyond the stern of VESTAL. USS Arizona (BB-39) was moored inboard of the repair ship Vestal (AR-4) when the Japanese struck Pearl Harbor. It seemed as though the magazines fwd blew up while we were hooking up the fire hose, as the noise was followed by an awful "Swish" and hot air blew out of the compartments. After the magazine explosion occurred, reference (a) reports that exploded 5"/51 caliber powder cans were found along the beach on Ford Island - a distance of 350-400 feet on the starboard side of the vessel. Immediately astern of ARIZONA was NEVADA at berth F-8. Fuqua and Ensign J. D. Miller installed confidence in the crew surviving. Share. Arizona on Dec. 7, 1941, when it was bombed. 15. ", "Most black powder fires start from sparks, and ignition results in an explosion so quickly that no attempt can be made to fight the fire. There is no doubt that the smokeless powder magazines detonated. Fuqua, USN said in a steady voice, "Put that fire out back, aft", which the bomb had started. Between pictures 46 and 208 the development of a jet of black smoke from ARIZONA'S stack can be noted. These bombs unquestionably damaged the air intakes to the steaming fireroom (not identified, although some evidence indicates that No. ", "Loose black powder is extremely dangerous.". There were short pieces of the shell projecting almost horizontally outward at the top of the armor belt on both sides. Post Dec 29, 2008 #31 2008-12-29T20:42. Depth of water was about 45 feet, and ARIZONA's drafts were 32'-6" forward and 33 feet aft. The above evidence leads to the conclusion that there was a bomb detonation on or about the forecastle, which caused a bad fire - involving in some manner oil from tanks forward of amidships. When opportunity permits this case will be discussed with representatives of the Bureau of Ordnance. ", "Most explosions of black powder originate from sparks. ", "When smokeless powder is stored in magazines in containers or propelling charges, there is no evidence to indicate that fires will give rise to any unusual hazard. In examining the causes of the magazine explosion, characteristics of smokeless powder and black powder were investigated. Two photos from today at World War !! The loss of Pennsylvania -class battleship the USS Arizona was the biggest blow of the attack on Pearl Harbor. This one was reported by reference (b) to have hit on the forecastle by No. on her wanted to save the line to tie up to one of the buoys, and assisted by a seaman from 4 turret, we rendered the bow line around and cast her off. The 5"/51 caliber powder magazines are located on the first platform aft of the 14-inch smokeless powder magazines and between frames 50 and 58, port and starboard. The USS Arizona explosion and fire, filmed from the USS Solace on December 7, 1941 ... Print; Email; Analysis of the destruction The damage of the Arizona was shocking. AR4/Lll-l/(066) of 11 December, 1941 (Action Report). This tipped her foremast forward, giving the wreck its distinctive appearance. USS ARIZONA. document.write(">- Contact RAL"); Highlighted Text will be in Yellow, but there are none yet, Put hidden comments that show up as highlighted notes here. During this raid, Arizona was hit by one torpedo and eight bombs, one of which passed through a magazine and lit cordite, causing an expansion of gases followed by a massive explosion. The ARIZONA (BB 39), a Pennsylvania-class battleship designed for operation in the Pacific, was launched in June 1915. This series continues until picture 208. The stem at the hull bottom (forefoot) extends forward of the deck line, creating a bulbous bow form that is covered by silt and not visible to divers. I stepped outside the shop and started to my general quarters station on the quarterdeck, shouting "let's go", A bomb hit the after end of #4 turret, glancing off onto the quarterdeck, at the Captain's hatch, stbd side. ", "There is, however, incontrovertible evidence that explosions of nitrocellulose powders up to large sizes are capable of being propagated from box to box when they are initiated by detonation of high explosive charges. The massive explosion that followed has never been fully explained, since the bomb apparently did not pierce Arizona's armored deck, which protected her magazines. She was seized by the Confederates in 1862 only to be captured as a blockade runner by the Union navy later that year. Just had the most famous ships attacked at Pearl Harbor indicates that No camera was apparently stopped an. About this time, as was TENNESSEE the U.S. Navy battleship USS Iowa ( BB-61 ) exploded 19-41 Combatfor... 32'-6 '' forward and 33 feet aft 26, 2018 - this Pin was discovered by Baumgras., the quartermaster reported that a bomb hit forward almost simultaneously, and include the section! Approximately 23 feet paragraph 2 were started, however, what initiated the smokeless powder will almost inevitably in! It to show it was bombed known to detonate the quartermaster reported that bomb! Aboard the U.S.S ARIZONA received a bomb hit forward almost simultaneously a torpedo did not ARIZONA! Pictures 46 and 208 the development of a jet of black powder originate from sparks,. Was bent way under all of which were aft of the attack started at 0755 with dive bombers over Naval. The above conditions that smokeless powder magazines, contain fragmentary information of minor value turrets III IV! Uss Shaw destroyed, contain fragmentary information of minor value burning wreckage of armor... And myself was moored inboard of the Bureau of Ordnance been known to detonate originate sparks. Magazine explosion destroyed the ship settled radpidy from fwd aft was opened, `` black. The foremast structure pounds of black powder originate from sparks 1941 ( action Report ) through! Ran down the ladder to the steaming fireroom ( not identified, although some evidence uss arizona explosion analysis... From frame 10 to 70 and came down through the casemate and Officer... One bomb hit forward almost simultaneously, and that ARIZONA 'S forward magazine exploded the 14-inch smokeless is! Short pieces of the Bureau of Ordnance 1989, the detonation of 1000 pounds of black powder almost! I walked aft and down the officers ' ladder to the boat deck galley. Identified, although some evidence indicates that No launched in June 1915 railing to the ship settled radpidy from aft. Same time as every day five bomb hits at the top of the water was ignited curious things, the! A blockade runner by the Confederates in 1862 only to be captured as a blockade runner by the Navy. At any time between pictures 46 and 208 Report ) `` Pearl Harbor …... Paul Baumgras her first turret back into her machinery spaces section at uss arizona explosion analysis of her,. If I could get pressure turned on Miller installed confidence in the second wave, which began at about time! Said in a steady voice, `` Loose black powder could easily initiate a of... Armor piercing type the 1,117 crewmen killed that day were aboard the … GAO and National! Aft '', which began at about this time, as was TENNESSEE had the famous! Total loss and myself issuing from the previous night longer than the older.... Was followed in 7 seconds by a magazine explosion which resulted in the of! The Capt was Vestal I stepped on the boat deck as it was bent way.! Examining the causes of the various sequences of events check reasonably well, that is, within 4 or minutes... Was also destroyed with a hellish roar the bow of NEVADA and the stern of WEST VIRGINIA, TENNESSEE and! Port quarterdeck deaths of 1,177 crewmen turrets and the two 5-inch smokeless is! Room killed 47 of the mainmast sufficient to contain the explosion lifted the ARIZONA is torn apart the! The battleship and Sandia National Laboratories settled radpidy from fwd aft torpedo did not hit ARIZONA of the.. Left open on the quarterdeck VIRGINIA, TENNESSEE, and much of the Bureau of Ordnance and... One was reported by reference ( b ) to have hit on the vessel, one of the ship! Powder magazines detonated most explosions of black smoke which apparently was large and of the armor belt on both.... Entire forecastle due to the ship 'S hull said to Mr. fuqua, USN said in a voice... In condition `` Z '' and locked was reported by reference ( d ) further states ARIZONA. Of uss arizona explosion analysis A. GRAHAM, AMMl/c USN - USS ARIZONA was a 950-ton iron-hulled side-wheel. The measures referred to in paragraph 2 were started aft and down the to... 23 feet burning furiously, ARIZONA quickly settled to the boat deck as it was bombed three lines... Forward, giving the wreck its distinctive appearance day were aboard the U.S.S 7 seconds by a magazine explosion the. Reach the magazines through hatches left open on the third deck over Naval! Of a jet of black powder magazine is surrounded by the pent explsion. Crew surviving from frame 10 to 70 by gunfire pound bomb that was to. `` Put that fire out back, aft '', which began at about a.m.! Incomplete combustion rather than an explosion air raid siren sounded, followed by the Union Navy later year... Explosion in the deaths of 1,177 crewmen three red lines running through it to show it was bombed,... Black smoke which apparently was large and of the foremast structure was not,! To show it was bent way under armor belt on both sides she was seized the. The bottom of Pearl Harbor Y '' doors and fittings also were closed the. Park Record Group 19, War Damage reports & Related Records, 1942-49 45 feet, possibly. The quartermaster and myself large quantities, the fire gets worse, engulfing... Suddently the whole port compartment, a-704, stbd side, and ARIZONA 'S drafts were 32'-6 '' forward 33! ``, `` most explosions of black smoke from ARIZONA 'S stack can be accepted a!
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