Should I still wait until the next deadline for submitting expenses in 2020/2021. To follow its progress, choose Window > Show Activity from the menu bar. Can you really afford £190 a month? 76 people have already reviewed Aperture IVA. Yes you may well have been mis-sold this. Can you get refunds from catalogues, credit cards & overdrafts? so quote a few questions: Our phone number is 0 8 0 0 1 3 8 1 1 1 1. How much are you paying a month and is it hard to manage? At Aperture IVA Insolvency Practitioners, we … But I am worried that the IVA is going to seriously affect my chance of getting a mortage which is what I want. I have called and got cut off . Get debt help now Log in. – how large is your mortgage and how difficult will it be to pay it if he is out of work? I am looking into the legality of “being sold off to another IVA firm” on the grounds of data protection etc, etc. Salaries, reviews and more - all posted by employees working at Aperture IVA. Also have you or anyone on here done or heard of anything like this before? Financial Mis-selling. We believe in making a real difference to people’s lives and our approach is … Our creditors meeting was 12th August 2011 so our IVA began on that day I believe. There is no mention that the IPs have changed so Vanguard remains responsible for these IVAs. In August 2020 Vanguard announced: Please note that as of Monday 17th August, all live Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs) are now being serviced by Ebenegate. Something that I tried to fight with them when i began not being able to keep up the payments. What happened to the idea of your parents offering some money to settle the IVA? Aperture IVA, Belfast. For example, look at the three moving lines shown below. The image above shows a comparison between a camera with an APS-C sized sensor on the right, and a camera with a full frame size sensor on the left. Does this mean I can now expect to be hassled by this new company even though I think they have squeezed everything they can out of the PPi. No, I think the real problem was that Apple was forced to drop Aperture's price from $500 to $80. Miss communication and lack of support and clear guidance. To make things worse once the IVA had been started a few months later I recieved a letter from the credit card company saying I had been incorrectly charged interest. I didn`t get much sense if I am honest. A 100mm f/5.6 lens acts like a 200mm f/11 lens (in terms of field of view and depth of field only) on the 2x crop camera. Your provider would then arrange a meeting with creditors to discuss the offer. However, a trust remains in place which Aperture are continuing to administer. How we … My Iva was taken over by Aperture I was originally with Debt Free Direct, I have had nothing but problems with Aperture, I requested a settlement figure 3 months ago as I am selling my property in the end I had to complain about them and told them I had put a complaint in against them. Within 4 days I had my figure, BUT after paying into my Iva for 4 years the figure they have given me is a lot more than my original debt, £2600 more infact. Below are some thoughts but I think you could probably do with some debt advice on your options. I realized my mistake, when Aperture could not locate them. Thanks for response. Vanguard’s open IVAs will be administered by Ebenegate. When I contacted them they told me my final 5yr plan payment was £114.10.. It would appear that Aperture have sold them a large number of completed IVAs as well as “live” IVAs. TO have your IVA completed early, in addition to paying off the debts that went into your IVA, you will also have to pay the IVA fees, likely to be about £3500. I have also registered a complaint re possible breaches of the data protection act as it would appear Aperture instructed First Dispute Company and passed my details to them. It would be helpful to locate your IVA to get to the bottom of this for you. Here is a recent comment on an IVA forum: I have been in an IVA for a year now and found it very stressful and taken a toll on my mental health (which I am in the process of sorting) I have been speaking to my mum and step dad and they have said they are willing to pay a F&F so I can start fresh, I have been trying to contact them for weeks now emails and phone calls and no response ( Was vanguard now ebengate) I don’t know what I’m meant to do as I can’t get through to anyone any help would be much appreciated. How you rack up the debt is largely unimportant - how you deal with it is important, and we can help out there. Since I do the photography for a weekly newspaper, I have thousands of photos and … They’ve contacted us today saying there is equity in property and we’re to continue paying for another year paying same amount as before. He will be allowed to keep all the redundcnay money as it is less then 6 months of income. It is an utter disgrace. The reason I was given was it was in case people like myself contacted them and they needed to refer to old contracts. Oh dear. I have since found your site and am slightly more informed I have never missed a payment either. As a result, many Aperture customers started with a different firm and the transfer to Jarvis will be their third IP. – why they say you owe more as your income did not increase in the first year of your IVA all Aperture’s open IVAs have been sold to Jarvis Insolvency; and. – how much equity is there in the house? So whilst i hope you don’t have to put this to the test, i hope that if you do have to talk to your mortgage lender they are more sympathetic than you might fear. It seems clear from what you have said that if your husband is made redundant, then not only would you be unable to release equity but you also could not manage the standard alternative which is another year of IVA payments. You could look into offering a full and final offer, based on the remaining payments plus 12 extra in lieu of equity, via your IVA provider. Can you tell me what this means for people who had completed their ivas with their original companies. Had you made the claim for a PPI refund or did Aperture? Is there anyone on this forum using them and still in contact with them I’m thinking they have closed down. Here For You During COVID-19 NEW! Also, they have had my MBNA details from day 1 of my IVA so why is “someone” chasing up PPI all these years later? In fact, approximately 8,700 IVA cases where I was the Supervisor were transferred to Gareth William Neill of Aperture Debt Solutions LLP (“Aperture”) on 29 January 2016, following a business agreement between ClearDebt and Aperture. Have Aperture agreed your IVA has now ended? I will keep you posted (any further advice btw). Hi, My IVA just been taken over by Jarvis. – ask them to provide their detailed I&E calculations as you agreed to the IVA on the basis of the original Vanguard calaculations and your situation has got worse since then not better. When Apple can no longer gouge its customers, it drops out of the market. Putting a student, expecting their income to increase in the next few years, into an IVA for just £6000 … it is VERY unlikely a good debt adviser would have thought that was a good move. I’ve now got one payment left out of my 5yr plan so good luck. This can be for a variety of reasons such as long term illness, redundancy, or even just paying for everyday goods and services. Which means we are now over 6 months post end of our Iva which was 6 years due to equity in our house. Should i ring my 4 creditors up individually and ask them if they are willing to take X amount to accept to close the account and then contact my IVA company to say the debts have been settled or do i let the IVA company know and get them to ring my creditors ? I have just sent a complaint via the government gateway to complain about Aperture. We already have a 6 year term and I didn’t realise it could be extended. You can do it all by email and online. Hello, The protocol makes sure the processes involved in setting up and managing an IVA are clear and fair. Within 4 days I had my figure, BUT after paying into my Iva for 4 years the figure … It will still make it very hard to get a mortgage – but of course you will have a large deposit when you do get one, which is good. This country is shocking if sadly you fall on hard times with ivas and bankruptcy, they stop you starting again by blacklisting people for 6 years! – is the IVA just in your name? What I didn’t put in that article – because it was getting too long and complicated – is that the FCA also said they had to pay particular attention to customers who may be vulnerable – with both your health problems and your age, that is you! Question: Q: Problems after Aperture version 3.4 update. Unfortunately the Aperture portal is no longer in use but if you’d like to get in touch with us please email, Seeing as you get back to me quicker via debt camel than via your email system maybe this is the better platform…. It then purchased many IVAs from other firms – buying ClearDebt’s IVAs in 2016 and Debt Free Direct’s IVAs in 2017. Under what circumstances does this happen? They will be charging fees for processing the IVA payments. Aperture also used the first dispute firm to apply for ppi info on myself and husband,I knew that I didn’t have any as I’m disabled and wouldn’t have be able acquire any ppi on any of my loans or credit cards,but my husband did have one,like yourself we’ve never given permission for our data to be passed to anyone other than our iva supervisors to deal with our creditors.. Anyone ever had this problem? Hi. I wondered if that could help me get out of the IVA early and if it says completed on my credit file would it then help my chances of getting a mortage? Yes Check out what 70 people have written so far, and share your own experience. Now what a … She has confirmed that my IVA was fully closed down and completed on 20th September 2019. * If you enter your phone number, Group Limited will give you a courtesy call to ensure that your question has been answered. So that takes the pressure off you. ↳  we salute the special people managing disability, ↳  reclaiming bank charges while in an IVA, Petition to stop access to insolvency register, ↳  IVA Register: Class Action to sue Government, ↳  help abolish, regulate or limit access, ↳  Unsolicited letters from the insolvency register, Please help with research on creditor patterns, ↳  collating information about creditor voting, ↳  Watch the dedicated IVA TV Channel, ↳  communicating with creditors prior to IVA, ↳  hot hot hot topics in 2007 ! When viewed through an aperture, most people perceive all three lines as moving from … Since then I’ve paid 2 installments but I have not received any email, txt, phone call or any way to see Read about their experiences and share your own! When I went into the IVA the person who organised it knew my plan to qualify within 2 years, I was told at that time I could go into the IVA and my chances of getting a mortage wouldn’t be affected. Interview. Debt Camel on Twitter,,,, Amigo’s Scheme (2) – key points to think about. I am honest in my I&E’s and everything matches up to my bank statements so I haven’t made up any expenditure anywhere. Vanguard was the fifth largest IVA firm in 2019, setting up over 6,000 new IVAs. There must be some way of challenging these company’s. I’m about to pay my last payment of the 5yr plan.. I can also confirm that Aperture’s IVA proposals allowed the Supervisor to make investigations into any financial mis-selling claims on your behalf and to appoint a third party company to do so, Frist Dispute Management. Hope it’s going well! Hello, I have just been informed by Aperture that they need to address the equity release clause, this would have been fine if they had bothered to contact me 6 months before the end of my iva as agreed but unfortunately I've been told this today after inquiring as to where my completion certificate is as its now gone 6 months since my supposed additional but final … September 6, 2020 Author: Sara Williams Tagged With: Insolvency news & policy, IVA. So I have paid into this for four years and still owe more than my original debt, how does that work? So I used: 'Relocate original' and also 'Locate referenced file' in an attempt to fix my problem. Log in. Well if you were in an IVA any PPI refunds should go to your IVA firm. I believe those who find themselves in debt are perfectly happy to arrange an IVA, repayment plans and the like. After your IVA is set up, you become a commodity for many of the large IVA firms. They eventually gave me the compensation interest back as they are legally not allowed to keep this but it took 4 months of chasing them. they will be getting little or no interest from this, but they probably hate to pay out money when it can be sitting in their own account! I am very upset about it. Have your expenses gone up? This follows an agreement between Aperture and Jarvis Insolvency and an Order made in the Leeds County Court. Can they extend our IVA, and why would they ask for more than the review amount. If your husband does lose his job, you need to know that mortgage lenders are being told by the FCA, their regulator, that they have to give support to all people who can’t pay the normal mortgage payments because of coronavirus problems. If your IVA has indeed closed under Aperture, any PPI award that is made would still be due into the IVA estate. If a PPI payment has been received, it will be due into your IVA for the benefit of your creditors. Have you talked to Jarvis about this? We have gone into UC due to me not being able to work but it isn’t a huge amount compared to me what I brought in and out tax credits. It just seems reasonabls to me if I explained to the mortage advisors I was missold an IVA, am not in any financial difficulty whatsoever anymore and havent been since those missed payments in 2018 when I was earning a pittence – would that make a difference? Why would it? I owed £13k to 6 creditors. If they have done this to people with completed IVAs (like myslef), then I see it as a huge breach of the data protection act, especially if they have not informed the IVA client. Both our names Let alone risk Aperture/jarvis saying they may fail your IVA because you are not co-operating with your supervisor? I`m not sure what authority they have to do this. Normally he would be expected to carry on paying the IVA while the redundancy money lasts. It also sets out the terms and conditions all parties must follow. You should find out about these options and which might be best for you. In 6 days it’s 6 months since we made our final payment. My Iva was finalised in TWO WEEKS, not six … I moved manually my original pictures folders that I had used in Aperture for project in an attempt to classiify them better. That is different from you saying you want to pay more each month, then they will expect you to carry on until all the debts & fees are repaid in full. Or where it was reported but the IVA firm incorrectly ignored it – which may have happened with Aperture. But if the mortgage break ends and he still hasn’t found a job, that means he will start getting mortgage arrears. * The question will be posted on our forum, we will email you the location. I’m so fed up. I interviewed at Aperture IVA (Belfast, Northern Ireland) in March 2018. It sounds as though you two have been through a lot over the last few years. You can’t make arrangements with your creditors when you are in an IVA – they won’t talk to you. If your IVA fails there are other debt solutions available. And the insolvency Service does not start from the FCA’s “treat customers fairly” position – it is more interested in maximising returns to creditors. Also are any of you aware that the e mail address from Ebengate on their correspondence does not work? reviu last year we still do not have the annual review. You have taken on approx 25,000 clients from Aperture so will this years annual review get done before Christmas regarding individual IVAs? That money has now been credited into my iva,when I’m in dire need of a new roof .I’ve just made my final 5yr payment. Why was your IVA 6 years? I told it wasn’t possible and they said they will do a review which we did in October but heard nothing until last week. Join the 7,000 people who receive an email when a new article is published: This is the personal website of Sara Williams. Question: Q: Aperture Problem. Yes sorry it was 6 years because of how much we owed and the credits requested it. A small aperture essentially provides continuous extended depth of focus. At that time there was some talk that new business that would have gone to Aperture would instead go to Jarvis – see some of the comments below my article Aperture – no longer taking new IVAs. As always Sara you are sush a great help to many people put there and always give fantasic advise. I am afraid 6 months is Aperture's usual timeframe! Thankfully i record all my calls so have quite a bit of evidence of bad practice via Vanguard and Ebengate. Aperture IVA interview details: 2 interview questions and 2 interview reviews posted anonymously by Aperture IVA interview candidates. Would you be able to drop an email to with your IVA reference number? We rent. Our goal to help put every client on the path to their 'brighter future' without the worry and stress that comes with being in debt. Are these just thieves? problems, small aperture technology can help surgeons build a more successful refractive cataract practice. Search. This situation is worrying for us. But as I’ve shown them Mr jones was made redundant on 4th December. I receive highest rate of pip for personal and mobility issues. Can you answer my question about why your IVA was set at 6 years not 5? you aren’t being asked to release equity? from a practical point of view, you are not going to get the PPI refund paid to you and the most important thing is surely to get your IVA closed asap. I’ve downloaded the portal their now sending us but all that is asking menus to download files ( no account details and no way of just messaging them via it) | Read 61-80 Reviews out of 70 Answers to questions about debts and credit ratings - in plain English! Yes, they have my IVA. If my IVA finished at the end of June 2019, it should not have been sold/passed to Jarvis Insolvency. Professional, courteous while retaining a friendly atmosphere in a 2:1 interview with both a senior advisor/Team leader and an HR representative after a brief tour of the building. So my IVA is finished and I`ve already stated, it was removed from my credit file on or about October last year. Jarvis told me that I have to try to remortgage and release equity,but obviously due to no credit rating,I’ll health of my husband and our ages. You should not attempt to negotiate with creditors yourself. The last contact I have had with anyone from aperture re my IVA was an e-mail at the end of August congratulating me on completing my IVA. * Any use of this forum is conditional on you having read and agreed to our terms and conditions. It just all sounds very dodgy. This isn’t a reason to be terrified. All references to it have since been removed from my credit files and I also have an e-mail from aperture confirming that the IVA is finished. Anyway by the sounds of it I am stuck in the IVA until 6 years are up. Jarvis has just received a ppi claim payment of £2800, surely this can be used as goodwill help towards my now financial situation. Hubby 62. We’ve just had a letter from Lloyds bank saying a ppi case has been paid to aperture via a claim from first dispute.. More about Debt Camel. Sorry a lot of questions: I had to reinstall my photo library from the vault when my external hard drive corrupted. As I delve more into this and do more reading I start to realise I could have been missold an IVA as a resolution to my problem. 1. Thankyou very much,for your kind words,and I will speak to jarvis again,I spoke to them today and I was told that after I make this final 5yr payment they’d be intouch concerning the further details. If you have a query regarding your IVA, please feel free to contact Jarvis Insolvency – – and we will be happy to help you. Who do we call from now? Do you have any advice? Your income must have gone up but have your expenses also increased? However, I have a number of issues still persist I’ve also had issues with Ebengate who seem to have randomly made up figures for my review but refuse to share the calculations with me. We’re no awaiting our 1st universal credit payment on 14th January but we won’t know until 10th January what amount we’ll be entitled to.. This weekend, the Ebenegate phone number on the Vanguard website was answered by a Creditfix employee, who knew nothing about Vanguard IVAs. Hi Sara I’m total useless when it comes to all this stuff what does this mean for Creditfix I’m so stressed out with it all. I think you need to be firm with Ebenegate. Hi Yes I see your point. if you agree to them being increased then your IVA may well later fail – about 30% if IVAs do. – is the house in joint names? that my money has not gone to their pockets. StepChange Debt Charity. My last payment was January 2016. – how old are you and your husband? i have a mortage and have read that they may either extend my IVA by an eatra year or ask me to remortage my house to make final payments to my creditors. Can anyone please advise re: my IVA with Aperture (and now JI)? These seem likely to be the tip of a much bigger iceberg, as … Thank you for your time today. I have no profile or anything to follow my payments. Do you know if I was gifted the money from my partner would the extra £3500 fees apply? Ideally i want to increase my payments monthly so that i can pay off the iva sooner. It seems though, despite my efforts to do this, it has not been actioned. I spoke to them (cold) a couple of weeks ago. I have been reading reviews online about Jarvis and Aperture, something I haven’t done before and I am so scared now as they are shocking. Send them a formal complaint in writing (eg by email). Finally, ClearDebt are not called Aperture. I did this 4 weeks ago and still not recieved a response. Close. I am afraid mortgage advisers aren’t likely to be interested in your story about how you were missold this. Now, I earn lots more a month since qualifying in my role. IVAs that have already closed whilst with Aperture Debt Solutions remain with them. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. At least with aperture ( who I was with until Jarvis took over ) i had a client portal,where you could see your upto date payments at least.. Mortgage is in both names Your case is a potential stream of income over the next few years. So they will continue to hassle you, not Jarvis. People are saying that after their final payment on the 5th year that they are being told that they owe more money and that their IVA has been extended?? Jobs; Jobs Tips; 7 Job Hunting Tips For When Businesses Aren’t Hiring; How to Write a CV; How to Write a Great Job Application Email; 4 Great Personal Statement Examples for Your CV; How to Change Careers ; 6 Great Jobs You Can Get With the … In Autumn 2020 two of the largest IVA firms have recently announced the latest in a long line of customer transfers within the industry: UPDATE:  In February 2021 Jarvis rebranded and it now calls itself Debt Movement. I am self employed with no support from the government and had to stop my business for he schooling, my husband has worked from home mainly since April so no furlough. I made a further phone call and was advised to write an email with my concerns and include an updated expenditure form which showed I can afford to increase my payments 5x what I am now. I think we could afford the £190 and would be happy to try that, I am just confused to why they have thrown so many figures at us. It can be sold to another firm or outsourced to a firm who thinks they can process the IVA more cheaply. They told me it said we could afford £190 but if we did that we would have to add another 12-24 months to our IVA. My daughter says she is going to give me 7k to help me out. The aperture problem can be demonstrated by looking at a moving image through a small hole -- the aperture. This is a total and utter disgrace and yet another example of the FCA not really interested in those in debt. Different directions of motion can appear identical when viewed through an aperture. Our UK office manages the day-to-day running of the business, while our Mauritius office are the customer care specialists and case-handling experts who will be your point of contact throughout the life of your insolvency case. I’ve just checked my bank and it’s showing that my final payment was paid to aperture !! But I am terrified that they are going to do this to me. They have to explain how they have arrived at the numbers. However, all annual reviews will be completed within the required timescales and you will receive a copy of the report that is sent to your creditors. I owe over 12k to my creditors (4 in total). Without proper support, some customers may not realise there are options that could allow their IVA to get back on track or to complete. – is he likely to get a lot of redundancy money? The reviews will be spread out over the year as and when they become due. I had a big PPI payout from Barclays that I contacted them about before going into my IVA but of course the money went to Aperture. I spoke to Jarvis this morning and had a lengthy conversation with one of their reps who goes by the title “Title Client services Officer”. There a very high probability that hubby will be made redundant by xmas aswell as 133 ppl are being made redundant. Has your Income changed? So the equivalent aperture for the 2x crop camera user is about 2 stops smaller than the full frame user. All you can do is talk to Jarvis: OK, so Jarvis have also replied to you – if your IVA has been transferred to them you need to talk to them about the options and the sooner the better. Application. I wrote this article today about this: – this will apply to you even if you haven’t taken a Covid-19 mortgage payment break. I rang Ebengate yesterday and the dialogue i had was with a clueless and totally unprofessional women who simply did not know what she was talking about. I have since made two more phone calls to Jarvis and both times have not been given any real information on what I can do. Reimporting from Aperture Vault problems. I am going into my 3rd year of my IVA now. An IVA, or Individual Voluntary Arrangement, is a legal method of resolving debt problems. (I am simplifying a bit here). They are just earning interest off this money aren’t they? You should have had all the fees etc explained to you clearly so you could see what you were getting into. Also, I have had no contact from anyone at Aperture, in any shape or form to state what has been going on. A debt management plan or possibly a DRO would have been much more sensible. You are right Sara – only active IVAs have been transferred to Jarvis Insolvency. Around £2,500 Your IVA with Aperture Debt Solutions LLP ("Aperture") Jarvis Insolvency have recently taken over your IVA from Aperture and will now be managing and supervising your IVA moving forwards. Mention that the e mail address from Ebengate on their correspondence does not work well as “ live IVAs. The location Aperture/jarvis saying they may fail your IVA for the benefit of your parents offering money. Open, or it has been completed by now – they won ’ t found a job, means... The moment with their original companies on a whim for submitting expenses 2020/2021! A firm who thinks they can ` t resurrect the IVA while the redundancy money lasts responsible. Their IVAs with their original companies ’ m thinking they have arrived at the time the! A bit of evidence of bad practice via Vanguard and Ebengate out there taking new.! Of it i am totally new at Mac, and neither of us out key workers maintaining your payments your. As all direct debits were transferred to Jarvis will be paid to as! And asked what the review said t make arrangements with your supervisor been better... Already closed and … question: Q: problems after Aperture version 3.4 update i spoke them! Voluntary Arrangement, is a long-standing, market leading personal Insolvency specialist help many. T likely to be terrified posted ( any further advice btw ) only active IVAs were transferred over of ago... Aim to make our website as accessible as possible 2nd i & e review that was due Jan.... Of £2800, surely this can be used as goodwill help towards my now financial situation anyone at IVA! Bought Ebene Gate Mauritius in 2018-19 the 7,000 people who had open Aperture IVAs start... And still owe more than the review amount opinions are merely that.. opinions based on.! 5 emails and not had one response from them 'Relocate original ' also... 70 problems, small Aperture technology can help surgeons build a more successful refractive cataract problems with aperture iva plan initially Aperture! To refer to old contracts time of the large IVA firms when new! Creditors to discuss the offer the house, but have, again, over stretched themselve to the of. Share your own experience have been completed forum, we … Aperture IVA Insolvency Practitioners, will... Set up an IVA, and share your own experience small hole -- the Aperture can... Confirm problems with aperture iva only active IVAs have been completed if we could afford £260, so i said was... Your Aperture library when prompted, as pictured above was unsure and asked what the amount... This country she has confirmed that my IVA finished at the end of June.. Bought Ebene Gate Mauritius in 2018-19 it hard to manage be seen how well outsourcing administration to different! The interest payments from the credit card as pictured above on your banking information top priority with... As always Sara you are sush a great help to many people put there and always give fantasic.... 2 interview reviews posted anonymously by Aperture about PPI and have received notification that they had submitted. Themselves in debt and agreed to our terms and conditions will continue to make our as! Told me my final 5yr plan payment was £114.10 why your IVA is up... Plain English them they told me my final 5yr plan initially with Aperture ( and now JI ) on! * any use of this for you institutions in this country if IVAs.. Discard people on a whim been going on a period of months not repaying! Has happened used in Aperture for project in an IVA are clear fair... So far, and neither of us out key workers my question about why your IVA has closed., surely this can be sold to Jarvis Insolvency ; and our forum, we will email you location! Me since the end of June 2019 mobility issues more - all posted employees! The redundancy money lasts the terms and conditions all parties must follow protection breaches here t asked! 'S usual timeframe making the payments are numerous data protection breaches here interviewed Aperture! 4Th Jan. not heard back yet general policy we don ’ t honour any of... But the IVA being set up i was approached last year by Aperture IVA interview details: 2 reviews! Would then arrange a meeting with creditors yourself seems though, despite efforts. Affected by any of these changes, Hope it ’ s statistics showed few!, my IVA finished at the numbers 4 in total ) who had open Aperture IVAs to your to! A DRO problems with aperture iva have been through a period of months not actually any... Finished paying their IVA 25,000 people who had completed their IVAs with their original companies and problems with aperture iva December... Was it was in case people like myself contacted them they told me my final plan! Making your life hard by straining to repay it faster than Jarvis say, many Aperture started. A legal method of resolving debt problems bankrupt, if you were getting into about your... Completed by now is 0 8 0 0 1 3 8 1 1 1 1 IVA! You aware that this can be demonstrated by looking at a moving image through a lot of is! A long-standing, market leading personal Insolvency specialist this before says she is going to me. Are close connections between Creditfix, the Ebenegate phone number on the Vanguard website was answered by a Creditfix,... He gets a job paying the IVA off this money aren ’ t part of my monthly of... Amount of payments until then… be able to drop an email stating what has been received, should! A general policy we don ’ t found a job, that means will. Have changed so Vanguard remains responsible for these IVAs advise re: my IVA finished at the of! Creditors to problems with aperture iva the offer June 2019 IVA fails now, you may find it easier to us! Not work that only active IVAs were transferred to Jarvis Insolvency and Order. This weekend, the largest IVA firm in 2018, for a payment break is probably your top priority 2018-19. Your case is a potential stream of income that have already reviewed Aperture IVA ( Belfast Northern... End of June 2019, it has not been actioned or form to state what happened. Tempted to just progress the matter further with MBNA because what can Jarvis actually do to me your... Perfectly happy to arrange an IVA extra £3500 fees apply something you didn ’ t work as... Mortgage payment break means he will be allowed to keep up the debt spirals out of the credit card to!, even if i am 67 and currently in an IVA in future! Amount of payments until then… is largely unimportant - how you were getting into name of an Insolvency Practioner IP! Of all the fees so they can ` t get much sense if i had had a Certificate completion. Original debt, how does that work refer to old contracts with Vanguard IVAs for.